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Train more nurses to curb shortage, state told

Train more nurses to curb shortage, state told

THE Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) has called on the government to continue investing in nursing in order to produce more nurses to curb the shortage of the professionals in the country.

The call was made by CHRAGG Commissioner Dr Fatma Rashid Khalfan when she visited Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital and joined the nurses to commemorate the International Nurses Day which is marked on May 12 each year to appreciate the nurses’ efforts.

Speaking on behalf of the CHRAGG’s Chairman, retired Judge Mathew Maimu, Dr Khalfan said the Commission recognizes the significant contribution of nurses to the society which is being observed from the grassroots (at village dispensaries) to national health facilities.

In addition, she said, “If the government provides various trainings to nurses, it will help them acquire important skills that will increase efficiency in provision of health services.”

She, however, commended the government for announcing 2,726 employment of health personnel of different cadres, its commitment to improve health infrastructure by constructing a health centre in every ward and a dispensary in every village.

“We commend the government for allowing the establishment of various bodies that advocate for interests of nurses, including the Council of Nurses and Trade Unions,” she said.

The Commissioner further explained that despite the importance of nurses, they still face various challenges, including verbal abuse, slandering, and sometimes being beaten by patients’ relatives.

“The commission believes that these challenges can be addressed through cooperation of all stakeholders from the family level,” she suggested.

She pointed out that the performance of nurses was still affected by lack of professional ethics; corruption, disclosing patients’ information and the use of abusive language to patients.

For his part, the Nursing Officer in charge of Dodoma Referral Hospital, Stanley Mahundo explained that nursing is a voice that leads a vision for future health care.

Commenting on nursing day, he said the day, among other things, was officially announced and launched in 1992 with the aim of recognizing and congratulating nurses for their significant contribution to the society, including providing an opportunity for nurses to reflect on their whereabouts and aspirations.

“Nurses also use this day to identify their shortcomings in order to rectify them for the better future of the health sector,” he said.


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