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Covid19 Vaccine Fighting HIV in the time of Covid: Let’s grab the opportunity before matters get worse

Covid19 Vaccine Fighting HIV in the time of Covid: Let’s grab the opportunity before matters get worse

THERE is adage that says ‘a golden chance never comes twice’, simply meaning that if one has a chance to do something, they better do it.

A golden opportunity for Tanzanians to undergo Covid -19 vaccination has been availed to them after President Samia Suluhu Hasssan flagged off the immunisation campaign last Wednesday in Dar es Salaam region.

To Tanzanians, this can be termed as a golden chance that may not come twice, given the economic uncertainties that occur in the world.

Who knows? Very unfortunately there are individuals who have been propagating negative campaign against the vaccines but if one looks at the academic background of most of such individuals who run negative campaigns against the vaccines he/she may establish that they don’t possess any knowledge on vaccinology or medicine.

In short they are not medical doctors by profession. Tanzanians must be informed that just two days later after President Samia flagged off the vaccination campaign in Dar es Salaam, the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a strong warning about Delta variant, a new Coronavirus type, insisting that the virus is getting ‘fitter and faster’.

According to the WHO, cases and deaths resulting from COVID-19 continue to climb worldwide, mostly fuelled by the highly transmissible Delta variant, which has spread to 132 countries.

Giving his Covid -19 regular briefing on Friday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus warned that almost 4 million cases worldwide were reported two weeks ago to the agency and the UN organization expected the total number of cases to pass 200 million, in the next two weeks.

He said in Africa, deaths have increased by 80 per cent over the same period. Tedros blamed the rise of cases on increased social mixing and mobility, the inconsistent use of public health and social measures, and inequitable vaccine use.

He said “hard-won gains” are in jeopardy or being lost, and health systems in many countries are increasingly overwhelmed.

He said WHO warned that the COVID-19 virus has been changing since it was first reported, and it continues to change.

So far, four variants of concern have emerged, and there will be more as long as the virus continues to spread.

Given the unpredictability of the situation, Tanzanians must grab this golden opportunity that the government has availed to us and stop listening to some individuals who are busy running negative campaigns meant to discourage or misinform them.

There are people or families within our communities who have suffered the consequences of the pandemic. Now, it is time to make a wise decision. Grab the opportunity before it is too late.


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