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TBC, TFF ink 3.4bn/- rights deal

TBC, TFF ink 3.4bn/- rights deal

TANZANIA Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) has reached into an agreement with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) for the broadcasting rights of radio services of the Mainland Premier League for a ten-year period.

The deal worth 3.54 billion/-,is among the major developmental signings in Tanzanian football whose target is be run in complete professionalism.

The agreement gives TBC exclusive rights to broadcast the league from the coming 2021/22 season, while any other entity seeking broadcasting through radio must reach a deal with TBC.

At the sign-in ceremony was the TFF president, Wallace Karia, who signed the agreement with TBC Project and Marketing Coordinator Gabriel Nderumaki who signed on behalf of TBC Director-General, Ayub Rioba.

Nderumaki made the remarks at the event on behalf of the TBC Director-General. He explained that they had taken the responsibility to air the mainland league considering they have sufficient expertise and equipment to broadcast live through radio broadcasts.

"We have the expertise and equipment to broadcast live. Moreover, our sports broadcasts reach more people at home and abroad, as TBC has a wider network to reach more people."

The TFF president had the opportunity to speak before the sign-in, where he noted that this event is historic, as it is the first time the Mainland Premier League will earn a living through radio broadcasts.

"It is the first time we have received a penny from a radio broadcast. It is a long contract but with good intentions to allow good investment.

The contract will be worth 3.54bn/- where we will get an average of 300m/- every year."

"The amount we shall get, we shall distribute equally to all the clubs regardless of the size of the clubs without considering how powerful and influential some clubs are; we will distribute it equally."

Karia said it was a good step to sign the agreement, which will add value to Tanzanian football and the league's quality. Karia insisted that the right to broadcast football via radio is with TBC; thus, other media outlets cannot broadcast without obtaining permission from TBC.

In May, Tanzania witnessed massive investment in TV Broadcasting rights of the Mainland Premier League matches worth 225.6bn/- for ten years from Azam Media Limited.

Azam Media Limited renewed the deal with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and the Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB).

Thus, Azam TV will continue to beam live the top-flight league matches for the next ten years, thereby allowing sports stakeholders to enjoy the country's top flight.


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