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Hair dressing business pays: Entrepreneur

Hair dressing business pays: Entrepreneur

YOUNG women entrepreneurs have been urged to be creative in the hair dressing and beauty related business in order to empower them economically and to be able to grow their income.

Go Kimz Limited, Co-Founder Ms Nice-Monique Kimaryo said young women can be self-employed by using a hair dressing and beauty related business to free themselves from poverty and also do business outside the country.

Ms Kimaryo said this during the ongoing East Africa Trade and Industrialisation Week, which was held in Dar es Salaam.

The exhibition brought together over 200 participants including business operators, policy makers, civil society leaders, international organization leaders, and academia.

She said through various events and exhibitions have helped to bring them together with hair related stakeholders and promote their businesses locally and abroad.

Moreover, has commended the support from Young Women Entrepreneurs Association which assists them in advice, market with international hair related business stakeholders in neighboring countries including Burundi.

According to her, the increase of natural hair awareness has resulted in a high demand for natural products, due to which Go Kimz Limited plans to continue to provide quality products so as to meet the customers' needs and be able to compete in the international market.

Adding that their company provides virtue training through their products to give others entrepreneurs the opportunity to increase creativity and meet the customers’ needs.

“We care about the community we live in and we do what we can to uplift others in as different ways as we can through our initiative,” she said.

According to her, in achieving that, they have developed clubs that give hair related business stakeholders the opportunity to learn and develop their talents in order to increase their income.

Go Kimz, supply hair extension in Tanzania, officially launched in October 2017, was created out of the demand to have sophisticated looking crocheting and braiding hair.

This year’s East Africa Trade and Industrialization Week, organized by the European Union (EU), the East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (EACCIA), the East African Business Council and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

The East Africa Trade and Industrialization Week’s theme aimed to promote economic growth in the sub-region and the continent, at large.


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