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CMS escalates underground mining skills for locals

CMS escalates underground mining skills for locals

CMS Tanzania has invested over 8.0bn/- in Swick Gen II Mobile Drill Rigs to provide grade control and development drilling services for Barrick at its Bulyanhulu Gold Mine.

The investment bring to the country most sophisticated underground drilling technology and in Africa and the world.

CMS Tanzania Chairman Ami Mpungwe said along with the investment in the new advanced equipment to run the company’s operations efficiently and with addition of value to its services, also invested in human resource empowerment through training programs online and on site for its employees who are locals.

“Our drill crews and maintenance teams are now trained to work with the advanced electronics in this new equipment, and it will enhance our already outstanding safety performance,” said Ambassador Mpungwe in a statement.

CMS Tanzania found in some 16 years ago in the country has so far employed 418 Tanzanians across all aspects of its business.

The training programmes are designed to equip locals with the necessary know- how and skill needed to manage operating the advanced electronic technology incorporated in the rigs, specifically in preparation for the arrival of the new equipment. The company’s training programmes are in line with supporting the government in advancing technology to boost the national economy as well as development in the mining sector.

“Thanks to the training, CMS’s drill crews, who comprise wholly Tanzanian employees, will now have the skills to competently operate some of the most innovative and technically sophisticated equipment working underground across Africa,” Ambassador Mpungwe added.


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