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Yanga guns shift to league rivals

Yanga guns shift to league rivals

AFTER failing to progress into the first round of CAF Champions League, Young Africans now seriously focus on the upcoming 2021/22 Premier League season.

The country's envoys were officially kicked out of Africa’s biggest club level contest after suffering a 1-0 away loss to Rivers United of Nigeria on Sunday in the reverse tie of the competition.

The outcome was a replica of the first leg match when the two sides met at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam as such; the Nigerian envoys have produced an aggregate 2-0 victory that advanced them to the event’s upper stage.

However, for Yanga, it was simply end of the road despite having confidence that they would turn things around in Nigeria as such, they now need to do well in the top flight league to earn an opportunity of resurfacing in the hot competition during the 2022/23 campaign.

Since the game was not beamed live on Television, some of the Tanzania media outlets which accompanied the team to Nigeria reported about prevalence of mind game acts directed to Yanga players before the match simply to disturb them.

It should be noted that after the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of clubs especially in Africa are using it as an advantage whereby a hosting club can disqualify some key players in the opposite team on condition that they have tested positive of the virus.

This has been happening on several occasions in different places something which is not nurturing the continent's football but rather degrading it.

As such, football analysts want the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to find amicable solution to solve the problem or else, the disease will continue to be falsely used by many clubs to get good results.

All in all, the journey for the Jangwani street side in this year's Champions League is over hence they have to turn their concentration on domestic events like Premier League and Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC).

Football analysts believe if Yanga really sought to have a convincing performance in the Champions League and most of their player signings during the past transfer window were fulfilled for the sake of excelling in the champions league but things have come negatively.

As the new season begins on September 27th, analysts suggest they (Yanga) still have enough time to correct mistakes which hampered their efficiency in the Champions League and there is no need to look down but rather face up to continue moving forward.

With the new season curtain slated to be opened on Saturday in a traditional derby pitting Simba and Yanga, it will be a good platform for the two biggest sides in the country to weigh out their squads before their first assignments of the league.

Both Simba and Yanga will begin their campaigns at away venues as Simba are expected to travel to Mara to play Biashara United at Karume Stadium in a tough duel.

On the other hand, Yanga will confront Kagera Sugar at Kaitaba Stadium in Kagera for yet another tense early match of the season with both sides eager to gather maximum three points.


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