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NMB commits to offer steady business to different cadres

NMB commits to offer steady business to different cadres

THE senior officials from the public and private sectors have been encouraged to make use of the NMB banking services that are offered through the dedicated branches.

The NMB Chief of Wholesale Banking, Alfred Shao, said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend that NMB has a number of services available for customers including those at the leadership cadre with special and dedicated branches for them.

For example, in Dar es Salaam two branches are dedicated to serving and facilitating senior officials and corporate clients.

He said in these branches there are bank officers and managers specific for serving each client to ensure he or she is given priority and served more quickly.

"In Dar es Salaam we have two branches, NMB Oysterplaza located in Oysterbay and NMB Ohio located in the NMB Headquarters building," he said.

He said apart from those services, a customer at NMB's private banking branches gets a currency exchange service at a more friendly cost.

Shao insisted: "I warmly invite senior officials to use our branches for unique services."

He added that NMB Bank has invested heavily in providing digital banking services to all Tanzanians as well.

Shao explained: “We see this approach to digital banking services as the best way to keep pace with the rapid growth of technology in the country.

Digital banking services will bring greater awareness to many Tanzanians to be able to use banking services by making transactions and payments where they are. ”

He mentioned some of the services that have established them as the most innovative bank in the country with various national and international awards, including - Prepaid Card and Credit Card services, as well as Insurance services that are now available in all NMB branches in the country.

Mr Shao noted that customers now do not need to travel much to follow the Insurance services, but through their branches, they can get all the insurance services.

He insisted that NMB is the most profitable bank and branch network in the country; they have 225 branches, more than 800 ATMs and more than 10,000 agents.

He emphasized that the NMB has been working with key stakeholders to ensure that the profits made from its business return to the people by supporting social services in the education sector, health, natural disasters and the provision of financial education for youth and adults.


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