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Meeting to seek police-politician common understanding in offing

Meeting to seek police-politician common understanding in offing

REGISTRAR of political parties, Justice Francis Mutungi, will on Thursday this week meet with Police Force in preparations for stakeholders’ meeting meant to bring common understanding in political arena.

The Registrar Mutungi told journalists yesterday in Dar es Salaam that his office plans to have stakeholders’ meeting on 21st October this year.

Justice Mutungi said he has recently met with few stakeholders to look at the matter so that the planned stakeholders’ meeting could have intended outcome.

He expressed optimistic that the meeting would have fruitful discussions since it would discuss relevant issues and topics that have been well prepared.

Equally, Judge Mutungi said on Thursday next week he would also convene a meeting with the leadership committee of Political Parties Council so that the politicians could also sit and formalize their issues with the police force before presenting them during the stakeholders’ meeting.

The leadership committee meeting will sit prior to council meeting scheduled for October 13 in Zanzibar.

Stakeholders’ meeting would involve, among others, journalists, Non-governmental organisations, political parties.

The stakeholders’ meeting is meant to find remedy on what he recently termed as ‘war of words’ between police force and political parties.

He was recently quoted as saying that there was no political tension in the country, but rather ‘war of words’ between politicians and law enforcers.   

According to the registrar the situation only needed bringing stakeholders together for discussing and agreeing on areas that needed common understanding.

He said they wanted to tell the public and world at large that Tanzania’s politics is calm and has not reached a point of being termed political tension.

He assured that his office was not silent on the current situation whereby the two parties engage in war of words, mainly on social media, which the public perceives the situation as political tension.

The issue of conducting public political rallies set to be at centre of the discussion, with police force entrusted to coordinate public rallies. 

“After the meeting we will come out with good direction and answers for bringing benefits for the nation,” he stated recently at a press conference.

Opposition political parties have in several occasions complained against law enforcers prohibiting them from organizing holding public rallies.

Recently, President Samia Suluhu Hassan insisted that time for conducting political public rallies was during the General Election last year, thereafter; all stakeholders should embark on development issues to build the country’s economy.


The government will next month hold talks ...

Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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