GGM donates building to Police

GGM donates building to Police

TO draw police service close to the community, Geita Gold Mine Limited (GGM) has handed over a new office building to Geita Police Force that would assist reinforcing law and order in the area.

Presiding over the handover, GGM Vice President for Sustainable Development, Simon Shayo said the three-office building will assist the police to serve the nationals in security measures.

“The Police are our key stakeholders in various activities we undertake. We work with them in many areas; especially mine protection and participatory protection on the streets and villages around us.

“We realised that because they are part and parcel of the community, we had to assist them with the building that would help them work more efficiently and reduce congestion, especially during this period when social distancing is important to keep off Covid-19,” he pointed out.

Geita Regional Police Commander (RPC), Hendry Mwaibambe commended the company for the donation, promising to further increase security and safety of the mine, people and their property.

“On behalf of the Inspector General of Police Simon Sirro, I sincerely congratulate GGM for being our key development partner, including building us this modern office with all the necessary facilities.

“We are also aware of other contributions they provide to the community including a vehicle they donated to us earlier this year, The RPC said.

The RPC assured that they will continue to monitor security and safety in this region so that all citizens, including GGM itself, could carry on with their activities.


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