Tap 1.3tri/- concessional fund implementation opportunities

Tap 1.3tri/- concessional fund implementation opportunities

President Samia Suluhu Hasan on Sunday challenged the private sector to step up and grab immense opportunities that will come along with the implementation of the Tanzania Covid-19 Socio-Economic Recovery and Response Plan (TCRP).

Right! Her idea was to motivate the sector to strategise and exploit trickledown effects of the 1.3tri/- concessional financial assistance secured from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that would benefit the society.

Further, the relief fund will strengthen and improve the delivery and access to social services including education and health during the pandemic dictations.

The funds will help in the construction of classrooms, Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) colleges, and lecture rooms in 17 teachers’ colleges all of which are meant to address congestion of students, as a significant measure in the fight against Covid-19.

Also on the list is the construction of health facilities, purchase of medical equipment, desks and implementation of various water projects that will altogether help in taming the spread of the pandemic.

This will be a unique opportunity for contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders to do real business in the opportunities, which will rise during the implementation of the programme.

Recently, she urged the private sector to grab the immense opportunities that will come along with the FIFA World Cup expected to take place in Qatar next year.

To make the private sector an engine of the economy, the government resolved to create an enabling investment climate by investing more in new infrastructures, removing red tapes and improving the regulatory environments.

The president plea to seize the business opportunities during the implementation of the TCRP comes just a few months ago after meeting stakeholders in the private sector and pledging to continue improving the investment climate.

Apart from meeting private sector stakeholders and improving the business climate, this time around President Samia is encouraging them to grab opportunities that will benefit them and the country’s economic growth.

In just a few months after assuming the presidency role, we have witnessed an increased flow of investments into the country which is a sign of the government concerted efforts on improving the business environment.

There is no time to waste for the private sector to adhere to President Samia’s call that hinges on ensuring all members of society benefit from inclusive growth.


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