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Don’t allow money to be your master

Don’t allow money to be your master

I t is a known fact that currently, we are living in a materialistic world where money rules everything. In today’s parlance, the prime barometer for success is measured by the amount of money one earns and not otherwise.

We have to accept that money is quite important in our life but ultimately it depends on us as to how much importance we want to accord to money. So let me take the opportunity to pose a simple question to my avid readers – “do you earn money to live” OR “you live to earn money”.

Although the majority of people may answer that they earn money to live but in reality, a large number of people would fall in the 2nd category i.e. they live to earn money. This is the hard fact of today’s materialistic world, whether you like it or not. Money has taken the role of a “key ruler” in our life as most of our decisions are influenced by it – rightly or wrongly.

Since we have allowed money to play the role of a master in our life, thus we have reduced ourselves merely as ‘servants’ of money. I am aware of the fact that some of you may not like this terminology of ‘servant’ to be used as I am sure many of you must be holding a certain executive position in an organization i.e. in your capacity as the CEO, MD, Director, Head or holding any other attractive designation.

Let me be clear of the fact that here nobody is challenging you as the head of an organization or of a department, but about the way you treat money in your day-to-day life. Money is just a “means to serve” and nothing more. You should use the money to reduce discomforts, improve the quality of life, and live a fulfilling life.

But in reality, it seems we are using money not to reduce our discomforts but to increase. With the advent of new technology, communication has become very easy and as a result, almost the majority of people have bought hightech mobile phones. Undoubtedly while mobile phones are a great virtue on one side, but on the other hand nowadays they are also the greatest cause of road accidents anywhere in the world.

Further, on regular basis, you may be attending many important meetings, conferences or seminars. What is the common sight at such gatherings? Nothing but everyone seems to be tuned to their smartphones, i-pads or any other instrument of communication.

At these places, one must pay attention to the topic discussed but half of the time people are busy otherwise. Is it a sign of comfort or discomfort? For sure it is the sign of utter discomfort not only to the person himself but even to others sitting in your neighbourhood.

Realistically, we must use the money to improve the quality of life. Have we succeeded in this direction? Not really, because the moment we are rich it is customary to attend various late night parties, drink alcohol, consume drugs, and indulge in many immoral activities which I can’t even mention for the sake of civility.

What is the end result? To name a few such as breakdown of families, increase of criminality in society, road rage thus endangering others’ life, and prevalence of various life-threatening diseases etc. So despite us having lots of money, why haven’t we succeeded in improving the quality of life?

The answer is simple, loud and clear - because we have allowed money to control our lives rather than we controlling it.

We’ve seen money being blamed for starting wars and conflicts, for ending relationships and friendships, for the failure of businesses and so forth… why not place a bit of extra blame on money and give up our responsibility for staying stuck?

The truth is: it’s not about the money. It never is. It is about whether or not you are truly prioritizing yourself and your happiness and the way you want to live your life.

It is about whether or not you have the courage to do what it takes to get you unstuck and to up-level your life and business. And trust me it takes courage! So stop giving away your power to money. Never allow yourself to be a slave to finances. An obsessive view of money can foster unhealthy responses like greed and dishonesty.

This can be true whether a person has a lot or a little of it. When money has that kind of power in a person’s life, they become its slave. When we view money as just a tool and don’t allow ourselves to get emotionally attached to it, we are in control of it.

Remember, it’s just a printed paper with no intrinsic value whatsoever, while you, on the other hand, are extremely valuable. The more you actively share your unique value with the world, the greater your sense of selfworth will become.

So stop giving the steering wheel of your life to money unconditionally, instead keep the remote firmly in your hands. Let us see from here on who rules your life – you or the money.

Mwandishi: Jagjit Singh

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