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Remind, educate nationals  on census benefits

Remind, educate nationals on census benefits

AS in last month when President Samia Suluhu Hassan launched a special public awareness strategy aimed at intensively educating, encouraging and promoting participation of all people in the country for the looming 2022 Population and Housing Census in Dodoma- the capital city of Tanzania, we expect the campaign to be continuous to reach all the citizens.

This is an important exercise that every Tanzanian should be aware of, because it will assist the government they elected to power to come up with reliable and detailed information on their population density.

This is important because the information obtained will assist also in the distribution of resources; for example, areas densely populated get, as a rule, more resources than areas that are scarcely populated.

This is a national exercise conducted after every decade in the country that everyone should respect regardless of one’s political stance or any other reason, because at the end of the day, its findings will enable the State to determine the number of taxable adults among others.

In this area, the determined number of people who can pay taxes in the country will help in the estimation of the amount of revenue that can be obtained from the tax sector. Remember taxes collected repair roads, buy drugs in hospitals and among others pay salaries to civil servants including soldiers, who guard our country.

This is the time every leader right from the grassroots should educate the nationals on its importance and accord the personnel, who will go about it maximum cooperation in all parts of the country.

The public should also be educated that the census data give the government an idea of what kind of social amenities should be provided to particular areas, for example, hospitals, housing, water, electricity and others, all these in turn are for the benefit of the communities.

As the exercise will be conducted and preceded by a pilot one in some selected regions, it is important the public is constantly reminded and educated that it is the centre of every planning activity of the government and no meaningful development planning activity can be conducted without taking it into account.

It helps not only to estimate the changes in the population in the country at a specific time, but to also evaluate other crucial changes in the country’s demographics, for instance again; it provides data used by the government for policy-making, planning and administration aimed at enhancing the welfare of the people.


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