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UDSM: Go for  self-employment

UDSM: Go for self-employment

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) has advised graduates to use the skills acquired to seek opportunities outside employments.

The UDSM Vice Chancellor Professor William Anangisye gave the piece of advice at a recent 51 graduation, saying that graduates should think outside employment box and tap opportunities in business instead of waiting for government positions which are hard to get.

“Do not wait to be employed by the government, instead see whether your skills can be used more effectively on creating self-employment—especially by establishing small industries,” Prof. Anangisye noted.

However, the vice chancellor failed short on saying where the graduates will get capital to start businesses. Also, Prof Anangisye emphasized that the education they received centred on solving community challenges, changing lives for better tomorrow.

In the 51 graduation, some 2036 students graduated where 1959 were awarded degree, 65 diplomas while 12 certificates. Awarding degree’s, UDSM Chancellor, the fourth President of Tanzania, Dr Jakaya Kikwete urged universities to clearly provide statistics during the graduation to see to what extent the gender policy in education is being implemented since the government has set up a 50 to 50target.

He said UDSM has almost reached 50/50 after women graduated yesterday being 46.6 per cent of all graduates. Dr Kikwete said in terms of primary and secondary schools, the government had managed to reach 50/50 but the problem lies in graduating women always have been fewer according to the number they started.


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