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Young Africans trounce KMC

Young Africans trounce KMC

YOUNG Africans claimed the Premier League helm after a sweet 2-0 win over KMC at Majimaji Stadium in Songea yesterday.

The victory also intensified Yanga’s clean sheet and as well maintained unbeaten run as with yesterday’s victory they were yet to be beaten and with no goal allowed behind their net. Yanga netted their goals through Fiston Mayele and Feisal Salum, in which they scored both goals in the first half.

Following the victory, Yanga have collected nine points from three encounters, thereby maintaining their unbeaten run performance of the season. Apart from yesterday's victory, their recent league match wins was a narrow 1-0 triumph in both of the games they played previously against Geita Gold at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam and Kagera Sugar at Kaitaba Stadium in Kagera.

Their opponent, KMC, seems to have a terrible start this season as they have only picked a draw in three outings and therefore positioned at the tail with a point.

The only encounter they drew was against Coastal Union. Apart from the points on the table, they have not registered any goal in those three games.

Compared to the previous season, KMC won three of its three opening games and took command of the league, which seems difficult for them this season.

In the encounter, Fiston Mayele had the opening goal for Yanga in the fourth minute. Feisal Salum sculptured the opportunity for Mayele, who finished with a tip of the touch that went into the net, despite the Kinondoni Municipal Council goalkeeper Farouk Shikhalo trying to make a save but failed.

Seven minutes after the opening goal, Feisal Salum doubled for Yanga with a stunning strike.

Mayele sculptured the opportunity for Feisal after successfully stealing a ball from KMC defensive midfielder Hassan Kapalata and set through for Feisal, who powerfully struck and past Farouk Shikhalo.

Even though Yanga struggled to get a goal in the second half, they showed quality performance, where Feisal Salum and Djuma Shabani were entirely in their best form in both halves.

The combination of Feisal, Yacouba Songne and Mayele seemed to cause problems for the KMC defence due to their direct running and strikes out of the penalt box.

Yanga was close to picking a third goal in the 19th minute from Yacouba Songne, who fired a spectacular strike but ended up hitting the woodwork.

KMC built pressure on Yanga's side in the 30th minute, where Hassan Kabunda made a brilliant long-range strike, but the Malian goalkeeper Djugui Diarra saved. His save gave KMC a cornering advantage but failed to utilize the opportunity accurately.


Friday evening was filled with bright colour ...


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