Katavi to generate 1.5bn/- revenue from cotton

Katavi to generate 1.5bn/- revenue from cotton

FARMERS in Katavi Region project harvested cotton weighing 50,000 tonnes during the 2021/2022 season.

Related to that, Katavi region expects to earn 1.5bn/- as revenue collection from cotton farmers after selling the produce.

Katavi Regional Agriculture Officer, Faridu Mtiru made the revelation before the Ambassador of Cotton in the country, Aggrey Mwanri who was on two weeks tour in the region.

“Mpanda municipality is expecting 157.5m/- as revenue from farmers who are realizing big harvests and sell cotton weighing 5,000 tonnes.

“At the same time Tanganyika District Council expects to pocket 787.5m/- as farmers project to harvest and sell cotton weighing 25,000,000 kilograms” he noted.

Equally, he explained that Nsimbo Council expects to earn 504m/- and Mlele District over 200m/- “Farmers in Nsimbo Council project would harvest cotton weighing 16,000 tonnes and Mlele District Council cotton weighing 4,000,000 kilograms.

However, Katavi Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Rodrick Mpogolo assured Mwanri that the regional authority will make sure cotton farmers realize their projection of harvesting 50,000,000 kilograms.

He also urged district executive directors to ensure Agriculture Extension Officers work closely with cotton farmers in the respective precincts.

On his part, Mwanri lauded farmers in the region for grasping the opportunity and giving priority to cotton farming as one of the key cash crops in the area.


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