Experts weigh in  on govt plan on  Blue Economy

Experts weigh in on govt plan on Blue Economy

SHIPPING and logistics stakeholders have welcomed the government’s efforts aimed at optimizing potentials in the blue economy, saying that was a way to go for boosting the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Emmanuel Malya, a shipping guru who is also former president of the Tanzania Shipping Agents Association, said the blue economy has numerous potentials and called for stakeholders to creatively think about investment ventures.

“We in the shipping and logistics industry, need to think outside the box. The blue economy is not just about transporting cargo, but we can also think of venturing into operating cruising vessels for marine tourism,” he said yesterday in Dar es Salaam during the launching of a book titled: “Enhancing Your Knowledge in Shipping’.

The book was written by an expert of the industry, Mr Julius Nguhula, who is also a lecturer of the shipping and logistics.

Speaking about the book, Mr Nguhula pointed out that his passion for the industry is to uphold the profession and make it recognized as standalone industry. He argued that currently the industry is not well understood since it is covered in the transport sector.

“The book has come to bring out potentials of the shipping and logistics industry so that they get to be known. We also saw an importance of writing the book to inspire students,” he said. It is expected that the book will help students, businesspeople, policy makers, teachers, regulators and other stakeholders.

Shippers at the event vowed that they will make sure that the book becomes one of key items in their offices so that they read and nourish their knowledge and skills on the industry for improving efficiency, calling upon education institutions also to use the book. Representative of the Women Seafarers of Association (WOMESA), Fortunata Kakwaya, commented: “We have been pleased for the author’s decision to write this book.” She expressed hopes that the book will provide them with skills for efficient operation of shipping and logistics since there have been several technological changes in the past.

“It’s our hope that the book will also inspire more women to venture into the shipping and logistics industry after getting skills from this book,” she said.

One of former students of the author, Mr Deogratius David, said there was still shortage of books on shipping and logistics in the college libraries, noting that the launching of the book is a positive gesture in feeding libraries with books on that profession.

‘Such books will contribute to building a blue economy which is currently a big agenda in Zanzibar,” Mr David argued. Dr Charles Kimei, who was guest of honour at the event, said the book is not only helpful in imparting knowledge but also a reference textbook.

Dr Kimei commended the government plan to purchase shipping vessels for both mainland and Zanzibar as he emphasized on the benefits of the blue economy.


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