WB commends  TZ Judiciary for  investing in ICT

WB commends TZ Judiciary for investing in ICT

THE World Bank has commended the Judiciary of Tanzania for significant investment in providing various judicial services through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), thus facilitating easy provision of justice.

This was revealed by the Chief Justice, Prof Ibrahim Juma, at the swearing-in ceremony of 27 new Deputy Registrars, the function which was administered over the weekend by the Principal Judge, Mr Mustapher Siyani.

“We have made huge investments in technology.

The World Bank Managing Director was very much surprised by the big step we have taken when she visited us.

She is from Indonesia, but said she will send some peoople to learn from us,” he said.

Thus, the Chief Justice urged the Deputy Registrars to be the engine and heart in the development of ICT as they all know where the world was going in terms of technology.

Prof Juma also expressed his satisfaction with the significant progress made by the Judiciary of Tanzania in e- filing, which is a positive step and has been well received by the general public.

“Currently e-filing is about 100 per cent. Even the citizens agree that the cases should be registered online,” he said.

He cited other areas that have touched the hearts of World Bank leaders as hearing cases through Video Conference, a step that has been very helpful, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pan- demic, as well as investments in the system of uploading court judgments (Tanzill).

The CJ also used the occasion to give a polite advice to the leaders on various issues that they should consider when carrying out their new responsibilities in the overall context of justice dispensation to the people.

He described the Deputy Registrars as bridges, which connects judicial staff and other officials, judicial stakeqholders and also connects Court officials with various directives and laws in place to ensure that they reach the required parties.

“Your activities are very important in improving ju- dicial functions. As leaders, you’re the image of the judi- ciary, because when a person comes to court for the first time, the first station to go is at the registry, “he said.


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