Intensify research on trade, finance- IFM tasked

Intensify research on trade, finance- IFM tasked

THE government has tasked the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) to intensify research and training in the areas of trade, finance, technology and economy, which address challenges in Tanzania’s path to economic advancement.

The Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade Exaud Kigahe issued the directive over the weekend, while gracing the 47th graduation ceremony of IFM in Dar es Salaam.

“IFM must complement development efforts by putting more energy in research in the areas of trade, finance, economy and technology as it strives to realise its role of imparting knowledge to young Tanzanians. This should be in line with government’s efforts of minimizing poverty, which requires scientific knowledge and well trained man power,” he said.

Mr Kigahe further said that modern economic development which is highly competitive, require more qualified manpower to run it successively, a move which needed training institutions like IFM to assure that it conducts numerous researches and trains qualified individuals, who would meet needed qualified manpower.

“For Tanzania to successively grab available opportunities in different sectors of the economy, it depends on best trained citizens. IFM is doing the best job in this, especially increasing admission every year in the areas of finance, ICT, insurance and researches which are drivers of the economy,” During the 47th graduation ceremony, 3,140 students were conferred with certificates, diploma, degrees and postgraduate studies.

Earlier, the Acting Rector of IFM Dr Immanueli Mnzava said that his institute has embarked on equipping its staff on methods of preparing writeups for seeking financial supports and donations for conducting researches. He said this aimed at filling the gap already felt at the institute due to lack of finance for funding research.


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