DID YOU KNOW? Mangi Meli

DID YOU KNOW? Mangi Meli

MANGI (Chief) Meli (or Mangi Meli Kiusa bin Rindi Makindara) (died in 1900) was a leader of the Chaga in the late 1890s. He was hanged by the German colonial government in March 1900.

Meli is one of the heroes of the former Tanganyika colony, having been prominent in the fight against colonial encroachment on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

After his capture, Meli was convicted of rebellion and was hanged at a public execution as his people watched. Following his death, the German colonial administration ordered his head to be removed and it is believed to have been sent to Berlin to be used in phrenological studies.

It was then apparently stored in a museum. Mangi Meli chief’s officer was Ndaskoi Msehiye Massamu, who led the Chaga forces that captured livestock in the Pare and Taveta areas of what is now Kenya.

Ndaskoi lived in Masamunyi, where he raised his family, while others of his relatives moved to Msaranga, on the lower side of Old Moshi.

Mangi Meli fought two wars with the Germans, in the first war of June 1892 he defeated them including murdering a German governor and military leader in Kilimanjaro Von Bulow and expelled them completely from Kilimanjaro.

They returned after a year and two months in August 1893.With mercenary Nubi soldiers from Sudan and other Zulu soldiers from South Africa with more advanced machine guys they fought him the second war which also took two days and defeated him. He then retreated and sought peace with the Germans where they impose some terms and conditions.


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