Thank You TPDF

Thank You TPDF

ON December 9th this year, Tanzanians will celebrate the country’s 60th independence anniversary. As we wait for this planned historic event, government officials and heads of institutions have been taking stock of what the country has achieved so far, including crafting strategies on how to move forward by setting achievable goals.

We are witnessing ministers in Dodoma giving an account of achievements recorded so far in the past 60 years, including reflecting on hiccups encountered.

The Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF), being one of the important institutions in the country, through its head, Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Venance Mabeyo, end of last week gave its account of achievements recorded since its establishment on September 1, 1964.

Since independence, Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, has continued to be a peaceful nation, with all its borders being well protected, thanks to a job well-done by the country’s military.

As an institution that has been winning hearts of Tanzanians and the international community for embracing discipline and professionalism, TPDF has continued to play its role of defending the nation from all frontsland, sea and air including protecting other national interests.

When discharging its responsibilities, TPDF has always displayed high level of patriotism and has worked diligently while demonstrating a high sense of submissiveness and integrity.

Apart from maintaining national peace and stability, the TPDF has remained the people’s army for the greater interest of the country.

So many times we have witnessed TPDF stepping up to calamities such as floods, rescue efforts, supporting civil power and carrying out development projects. Due to being ethical, disciplined and professional, TPDF has been participating in peace keeping missions under the United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU).

Also, the military has been participating in operations and exercises at international and regional level. The conduct of TPDF has made every Tanzanian to be proud of it. How many times have we witnessed some militaries in some countries in Africa and other parts of the world landing into disputes with their governments?

Even in trying times TPDF has proved to the international community that it is indeed the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces. For those who might have forgotten this aspect may just go back to March this year when TPDF conducted itself very smoothly and ensured smooth take over by President Samia Suluhu Hassan after an untimely death of the then President John Magufuli. In other countries this could have been a different story.

In short, Tanzanians must walk tall as we have the best army.


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