Observing formal setups  of mineral sales vital

Observing formal setups of mineral sales vital

ONE of attainments of the Fifth Phase Government that is still sustained by the Sixth Phase Government is formal setups of mineral sales in each producing region.

As one of the countries endowed with diverse natural resources, Tanzania boasts of being the only country in the world with tanzanite reserves - the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite, found in a small mining area near the Mererani Hills in Arusha.

After years that witnessed some miners and businesspersons selling the minerals haphazardly and evading taxes, the Government of Tanzania came with a new plan; ordering all mineral-producing regions to set up governmentcontrolled trading centers, so as to curb illegal exports of the precious minerals.

The trading centers provide miners direct entrance to a formal, regulated market where they go and directly trade their minerals with the government getting its fair share in taxes. After the introduction of the minerals trading hubs in 2019, traders enjoyed conducive interchange climate; buyers and sellers being content of the transactions that are conducted peacefully with assured security.

But of late, it has emerged that there are some people taking the country some steps back, seeking to return it to the forgotten and unwanted era.

They have started operating minerals black market, instead of following formal setups established in every producing district.

That way of doing business has to be stopped immediately and permanently, because it is not healthy to the economy, denies the government of its taxes that would otherwise be used to offer its citizens social services, such as education, health and water.

It is against that background the Prime Minister, Mr Kassim Majaliwa warned mineral dealers against selling the minerals through black market. The public has back the PM’s call by exposing all those involved in the illegitimate business.

As the PM noted, all public institutions in charge of collecting revenues should put in place sustainable plans that would enable them supervise the collections means for national interests.

Observing the formal setups of mineral sales is vital and that should start with the sellers and buyers, but also the soldier who are deployed in different parts of the mineral producing regions.

The citizens and dwellers of the country should offer their support to the government in this matter, knowing that what the unscrupulous minerals traders do is against the law and also it will make the citizens lack some basic services, because without the said taxes, the government cannot meet the targets set.


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