Mwanza City begins using postcode system

Mwanza City begins using postcode system

THE Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology on Saturday launched the National Physical Addressing (NaPA) system in Mwanza City which marks official beginning of residential addressing and postcodes services in the area.

Mwanza City Council is a model for NaPA system towards reaching all the councils countrywide.

Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Dr Ashatu Kijaji said that in order to access the services one should download a programme dubbed 'Program Tumizi' on mobile phones.

She said that NaPA system is connected to all public institutions and systems, including those at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Business Registration and Licensing Agency (Brela), National Identification Authority (NIDA), Health as well as Land Management Information systems.

"This is to simplify availability of the services. The system is of most importance as everyone's address will be identified, be it a working place, residence or business area," she said.

The Minister said that the system should also be connected to passengers' vehicles so as to access information of their clients.

 "Thereafter, we will move to motorcycle operators... I also call for continuation of capacity building to officers and leaders in Councils, Wards and Streets, country-wide, so as to enable them to supervise and implement this system in their areas," she said.

 Commenting on the system implementation at the national level, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology, Dr Jim Yonazi said that:

 About 135 out 4,067 wards and 21 Councils out of 196 country-wide, equivalents to 3 per cent have   been covered.

He stressed that 'NaPA' is important because it help to identify of peoples locations, transportation of goods' and availability of the various services.

 According to him, 'Programme Tumizi' will be available on the 'napa.mawasiliano.go.tz' website, through which one can access any information and services.

"But also at this moment, one can identify his/her postcode by clicking *152*00# and follow directives," said Dr Yonazi.

He insisted that the system has a number of benefits since people will have access to public services, doing business as well as contributing to the global economy.

Launching the system, the former National Assembly Speaker, Ms Anne Makinda, urged people to make good use of NaPA, because it has numerous benefits, including possibility for deduction in Bank loans interest, up to a single digit.

She said that high interest is due to the fact that some people have been running away with banks' loans, simply because there was no a system of tracking them.

Ms Makinda said that implementation of NaPA is a requirement of the postal policy of 2003, as well as  a-61 article of the 2020-2025 Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) manifesto, to ensure smooth provision of various services to citizens.

"And we will talk to top authorities and make sure the system is implemented all over the country by next year, so as to  facilitate implementation national population and housing  census  slated for  August 2022," she said        

Mwanza Regional Commissioner (RC), Engineer Robert Gabriel said that implementation of the system was going on well in various parts in the region.

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