Air Tanzania challenged to improve efficiency

Air Tanzania challenged to improve efficiency

WORKS and Transport Minister Makame Mbarawa has challenged the Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATLC) Board of Directors to enhance its operation efficiency and establish cost cuting measure to achieve higher cost saving.

He said the government through the ATCL, the national carrier, has identified the existence of high expenditures resulting from various procurement activities hence denying the airline chances of making profit.

Adding to that he urged the Board to continue working hard for the airline to offering better services and compete in aviation sector.

Minister Mbarawa said during the launch of the new ATCL’s Board of Directors which was held yesterday in Dar es Salaam.

He said the government bought planes to expand the company business wings and play a role in generating income to contribute the country’s economic growth.

“I urged the ATCL officials to avoid set their personal interest in implementing their duties in serving the country because the impact will be huge not only for company but for the country,” he said.

He noted that for the ATCL management to behave ethically and deliver needed services otherwise they become answerable for that.

He further said since the market is very competitive, the company should be innovative and creative in providing services that are sustainable and printable.

“We hope in the next two years the company will have a total of 17 aircraft which will boost aviation sector and the country's economy,” said Minister Mbarawa.

Prof Mbarawa also urged the airline through newly Board of Directors to perform their duties with the integrity to bring positive results in stimulating and building the industrial economy in order to achieve National industrial policy.

ATCL Managing Director, Eng Ladilsus Matindi has acknowledged the government continues effort to invest in improving infrastructure including procurement of aircraft.

He said they will continue with the airline’s efforts to increase number of regional and international flights and increase competition in the airline industry.

Board of Director Chairperson, Prof Neema Mori promised to provide quality and efficiency services to meet customer needs.

She said through the new Board of Director they work closely to improve its system of operation commercially to boost the company’s profit.


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