Kagera entrepreneurs attend Bujumbura expo

Kagera entrepreneurs attend Bujumbura expo

A team of 17 entrepreneurs from Kagera is in the Burundi capital – Bujumbura, to attend an expo where they will also introduce business opportunities available in Tanzania to their counterparts.

Kagera Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Professor Faustine Kamuzora explained that the entrepreneurs were in Burundi as part of marking the 60th anniversary of Tanzania Independence celebrations.

“While in Burundi, the Tanzanian delegation will share experience and also promote available business and tourism opportunities in the country. This is a very important business exchange visit,” he said.  

He appealed to residents in border areas to embrace commercial chances available in their areas.

Equally, he warned government officials who act as obstacles to business growth and development along the regional borders with neighbouring countries, saying cross-border businesses have proved worthwhile to the economies of many countries.

“Border between a country and another is an opportunity to people living in the areas. People should use border areas to do business and improve their standards of living, provided that they satisfy all the legal requirements.

“Our role as the government is to make sure that these people are benefiting. We should not be obstacles,” Prof Kamuzora said.

Kagera shares common borders with four East African Community (EAC) members nations — Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya across Lake Victoria.

The RAS urged all government department workers at border posts not to act as obstacles but rather as facilitators to people doing business along the border.

“In other countries, people living along the border are rich because they are given opportunities to interact and do business, provided that they follow all the laws. We should show them the way instead,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prof Kamuzora has said celebrations to mark the 60th Uhuru celebrations will be held today at the Uhuru Stadium in Bukoba Municipal at the regional level where the Kagera Regional Commissioner (RC), Major Gen Charles Mbuge will be the guest of honour.

He explained that during the past 60 years the region recorded remarkable development in various sectors including health, education and transport.  Efforts made by the government increased water availability in rural areas from 53 per cent recorded during 2015 to 67 per cent by September this year. 

Out of 2,659,315 residents in rural areas in Kagera about 1,774,468 people or 67 per cent access clean and safe water.


OVER 300 individual business operators have participated ...

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