Off-grid Tanzanians urged to opt for solar energy

Off-grid Tanzanians urged to opt for solar energy

Tanzanians living in off-grid areas have been advised to opt for solar energy which has continued to become affordable. 

It was noted that due to advancement in technology, solar energy was not only for lighting homes and watching television as it used to be, but it can offer a wide range of uses, from irrigating farms to running machines in factories.

This was stated in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday by the Managing Director of Rex Energy, Francis Kibhisa, in his remarks ahead of the 60th commemoration of Tanzania’s independence.

He said prices of solar panels have gone down and thus many people can afford to buy and benefit from solar power, which is more reliable and environmentally friendly.

The panels for domestic uses are sold between 550,000/- and around 7m/-, according to him.

He said his 21-year old company, which has long been a major stakeholder of the government, provides services according to customer needs, popularly known as ‘customer tailor made service’.

"Electricity is business, electricity is development, so we strongly advise people before installing solar power to see how it will also benefit them commercially,” he said.

Mr Kibhisa, however, advised Tanzanians to consult professionals before installing the solar panels to avoid counterfeit products.

He said they have been cooperating with the government in many projects, such as installing solar power at borders for immigration and Tanzania Revenue Authority-TRA offices, in national parks, game reserves and in a number of health and education centres.

"We cooperate also with Rural Energy Agency (REA) in installing power in villages... In fact, we compliment the government’s efforts to supply electricity in rural areas," he said.

He advised the government to continue supporting and engaging companies in many projects through Public Private Partnerships (PPP), saying that would enable local companies to reinvest more in the country, apart from providing employment and paying taxes.

Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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