PM touts creativity in project startups

PM touts creativity in project startups

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called upon council administrators to increase creativity in devising project startups resulting from the 10 per cent internal revenues so as to empower groups in need of such loans.

Mr Majaliwa made the remarks while handing over a motorcycle and a cart to a youth group– beneficiary of the 10 per cent loan issued by Hanang’ Council, during his working visit to inspect development activities in Manyara Region, on Sunday.

“Managing to mobilise youth and getting them to engage in productive activities is considered a good move,” said Mr Majaliwa, noting that the government has been encouraging and supporting far-sighted leaders who focus on the needs of many Tanzanians.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Damian Kalist, extended appreciation to the government for giving them non-interest loans amounting 385m/-, which was disbursed to 87 groups by the Hanang’ District Council.

“The free-interest loans have relieved us from the oppressive high interest loans offered by some financial institutions.  These loans have helped us grow economically and boost the income of our families and the country as a whole,” noted Kalist.

He noted that through the loans, they are able to find personal employment as well as provide jobs to other young people, thus enabling young people to overcome income dependence.

In another development, the Premier inspected the construction of four classrooms at Nangwa Girls Secondary School, assuring Tanzanians that the government will continue to implement the directives contained in the ruling party CCM manifesto, to ensure every child goes to school. 

“The government has raised funds and disbursed in all districts across the country, Nangwa has received 80m/- for the construction of four classrooms and purchase of desks…the quality and standards of the buildings are excellent,” stated the PM.

Equally, Hanang District has secured 92 new classrooms, which will enable all children who have passed to go to form one to begin school at the same time.

The PM also directed the Hanang District Commissioner to follow up on children with the age of going to school but have not been enrolled in schools.

“Every Tanzanian child with the age of going to school must acquire education,” maintained Mr Majaliwa.

He expressed the government's commitment to ensure all concerns of Tanzanians are being dealt with. 

“President Samia Suluhu Hassan has placed emphasis on some of the crucial sectors which touch the lives of the people including water, education, road infrastructure and electricity,” added the Premier.

The headteacher of Nangwa Girls Secondary School, Ms Adelina Manya, noted that the construction of the four classrooms at the schools has helped to overcome the challenge of classroom infrastructure. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Majaliwa has counselled Tanzanian children to prioritise their education by studying hard to acquire the needed knowledge which would in the long run help propel the country’s development.

Similarly, Mr Majaliwa directed the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, to carry out a policy review for the sector to continue progressing well.

The Premier issued the directive after inspecting the construction of classrooms at Gehandu and Nowu Secondary Schools in Mbulu District in Manyara Region, yesterday.

He also directed all councils to come up with a strategy for the construction of dormitories by using its own internal sources of funds for their students to have ample time to indulge in self-study.

On the other hand, the PM reminded public servants to identify their important role of serving Tanzanians and implementing the directives under the CCM manifesto.


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