TBS hailed  for improved services

TBS hailed for improved services

ZANZIBAR Trade and Industrial Development Minister, Mr Omar Said Shaaban has commended the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) for improved , using modern technology that has helped in reaching more entrepreneurs.

Mr Shaaban made the remarks after touring and meeting the TBS staff in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday accompanied by some of the Zanzibar Bureau of Standards (ZBS) officials.

“This is a learning tour to find out how TBS is conducting its obligations and also a chance to enhance cooperation with their Zanzibar counterparts and raise efficiency in goods standards,” he said.

According to him, in the world today, the use of modern technology is fundamental in ensuring that many people are reached out and served in as a short period as papplicable, adding that TBS is doing well now.

“TBS has invested in modern technology, especially in receiving various applications, granting permits and discharging information to customers. This is one of the things we have learnt from TBS,” he noted.

Also, TBS has invested substantially in laboratories through which various goods are tested their quality standards before being granted certification to enter the markets.

“TBS has built institutional capacities and invested in laboratories. This is what we are going to do at ZBS to have modern laboratories for testing goods before granting certificates to enter the market,” he stressed.

He also hailed TBS for establishing zonal offices that have helped to reach more people in the regions and other rural areas. He pledged that ZBS will continue to work closely with TBS in serving efficiently Tanzanians, business people and local and foreign investors.

He said they will be sending ZBS staff to learn various things at TBS as the government is set to improve the quality standards watchdog in the Isles. The TBS Director General, Dr Yusuf Ngenya hailed Minister Shaaban for touring their institution and reminding them of the close relations between the two entities.

“Minister’s tour has reminded us of our relationship with our counterparts (ZBS) and this is fundamental for enhancing the quality standards of goods and services,” he said.


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