Business operators equipped  on marketing activities skills

Business operators equipped on marketing activities skills

OVER 300 individual business operators have participated in a marketing workshop that aims at improving marketing activities and developing new capabilities to grow their business.

The workshop was held in Dar es Salaam and organized by the European Business Group (EUBG) in partnership with The Hyatt Regency, Dar es Salaam Kilimanjaro.

According to EUBG Executive Director, Ms Cikay Richards the training came up due to the limited understanding of the marketing field. She said the marketing workshops were targeting all stakeholders who needed training in the marketing field.

“We have met to discuss and exchange skills on marketing sector, this idea was discovered last year during the tourism and investor dialogue which was held in Arusha,” she said.

Ms Richards added that the programme is the first and will be sustainable where they will conduct training in Arusha, Dar es Salaam and other places. Hyatt Regency, Cluster Director of Sales and Marketing East Africa, Mr Denis Glibic said among the challenges they have identified are poor participation of people on marketing programmes, which could hinder their business to develop.

He added that the marketing programme is important in the hospitality sector because it will help to promote our city and country in general.

“We have partnered with EUBG to provide marketing training to the individual company, businesses in the country to gain knowledge and benefits,” he said.

According to him, marketing is a key component of any business operation. The training they conducted has perceived positive and great feedback from the participants.

“This training helps you to earn knowledge on the latest technological advancements, modern approaches to tap and retain the customers, and innovative ways of marketing,” he said.


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