Govt eyes to make TTCL as communication hub in EA region

Govt eyes to make TTCL as communication hub in EA region

The government plans to review some TTCL Corporation regulations, policies, improve working environment and infrastructure that would make it one of the best communication services providers in East Africa.

The Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Nape Nnauye said in Dar es Salaam on Thursday during his familiarisation tour at the TTCL Corporation as he continues to visit institutions under his ministry.

He said his ministry would work with other ministries, decision-makers and authorities to determine how best they address the challenges facing the entity.

"Making TTCL Corporation, a giant telecom firm is a priority because communication services affect the whole government as there are things that affect policy, the appointing authority, decision-makers and those affecting more than one ministry," said Nnauye adding, through TTCL Corporation, we want to make Tanzania the East Africa communication hub.

He said some of the decisions could have been made by an organisation earlier but failed because they were constrained either by bureaucratic policies, regulations and even laws.

"Some matters may be legal and others may be policy matters so we will cooperate with the relevant authorities if it involves change in laws, regulations or policies to make TTCL Corporation the best communication firm in our region," said Nnauye

Citing an example he said some of the procurement rules of public institutions were restrictive, but in the market they compete with private companies that were not bound by rules and regulations.


Mkuranga District Commissioner, Khadija Nasri ...


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