‘I delegate powers to reduce workload’

‘I delegate powers to reduce workload’

PRESIDENT SamiaSuluhu Hassan Thursday revealed how she works with his appointees in attending to different national issues to avoid monopolization of powers at the country’s highest office.

Files are many but I do my best not to accumulate them in my office, but to my subordinates, I release them immediately after getting onto my table.

“If I sleep while there is a file on my table that day I must have been very tired. But, I usually make sure that I don’t sleep while there is a file on my table,” she said during a live interview on State-owned television, TBC, as she celebrated her 62nd birthday.

She said apart from office files, there was a lot of works at the State House, like handling different invitations within and outside the country.

“But, if you know how to utilize your assistants, you reduce work burden because you assign them to do such works on your behalf,” the Head of State pointed out.

She added: “This is why in most of my meetings I tell my subordinates to make decisions and if they do mistake on the course of making decision I will correct them, not firing them. I correct three times, if you repeat the same mistake for a fourth time I consider you incapable at a particular position.”

The Head of State noted that it was tendency that assistants were bringing issue at the top for decisions.

“Recently, when had retreat for new appointees we told them not to delegate upward, they should work and delegate at lower level. This will help me reduce backlog at my office,” she said.

The Head of State believed that such leadership mode would make her attend to only big issues that could not be decided at the lower level.

She said the retreat has equipped the new appointees with knowledge and understanding of what was at their level for decision making.

Despite this, the President admitted that there would still be so much work to do since many citizens would need to see her.

“I should also direct my assistants to see those who want to see me and solve their issues…I make every assistant to do his/her job perfectly while serving Tanzanians,” she explained.


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