Samia: After classrooms success, focus shift on teachers’ employment

Samia: After classrooms success, focus shift on teachers’ employment

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has said as the government has accomplished the construction of classrooms across the country and the next focus now is on teachers’ employment.

The Head of State said that Thursday when speaking on phone with Benjamin William Mkapa Head Teacher, Mr Joseph Deo. She made the call during a celebration of her 62nd  birthday organized at the school in Dar es Salaam.

“After we accomplished construction of additional classrooms project, we expect to hire around 6,000 teachers to keep up with the increased demand,” said President Samia.

President Samia stated that there are numerous issues in the education sector, including infrastructure, learning materials, and providing a conducive learning atmosphere, all of which the government is working to address.

She did, however, point out that there is still a challenge in primary schools, where classrooms and furniture are in short supply.

“So, the task in primary schools remains enormous,” Samia noted, “but we will keep doing it in collaboration with the ministry of education and the ministry of state (Regional Administration and Local Government).”

Ms Samia also expressed her gratitude to the school's pupils and teachers for organising a birthday party in partnership with NMB Bank.

She also promised to work on the issues raised by Mr Deo. “I have heard the challenges you stated; we'll see which ones the ministry can address and which ones I can address as President,” said the president.

Last year, Tanzania secured a 1.3tri/- loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) through the Rapid Credit Facility (RCF) as part of the Covid-19 relief package, which was used to enhance the education, health, water, and tourist sectors.

The government planned to spend 302.7bn/- of the 535.6bn/- budgeted to the President's Office's Ministry of State (Regional Administration and Local Government) on the construction of 15,000 classrooms in secondary schools and at satellite primary schools.

The government recently announced that the construction of the projected 15,000 classrooms was 95 per cent complete in all regions of Tanzania Mainland, with only a few regions falling behind due to numerous obstacles such as raw material availability, project plot allocation, and weather fluctuations.

Earlier yesterday, Minister for Education, Science and Technology Prof Adolf Mkenda said had stated that leaders of the country have emphasized the necessity of inclusivity at all levels.

“Our country will never allow sexism,” he said, adding that the government must ensure that those who may otherwise be excluded or disadvantaged, such as those with physical or mental disabilities or members of other minority groups, have equal access to opportunities and resources.

Prof Mkenda explained that Tanzania has a female President not because of her gender, but because everyone in the country, regardless of gender, religion, or disability, has equal access to opportunities. “As a result, female students can benefit from this experience. We congratulate the President on her efforts to enhance the education sector.”

Mr Deo thanked President Samia for the funds disbursed for the construction of classrooms in which, the school got two classes which are complete.

He said the school has 1,635 students from form I -IV; it also accommodates students with special needs and nine teachers with special needs.

“Our plea to President Samia is for assistance in providing equipment in a soundproof room to be utilised for hearing tests to identify a person's hearing sensitivity at various frequencies, so that the students can be properly assisted,” he said.

Emmanuel Mzena, a Student Representative, complimented President Samia for her courageous and bold leadership.

“On your birthday, we wish you a day of joy and rest.” We also pray that God bless you with more wisdom as you lead our country,” he added.


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