Competencies and effective governance key to country’s development

Competencies and effective governance key to country’s development

IN commemorating the Press Day, her excellence, Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, reminded journalists, who met in Arusha, to be professional and write things that defends our nation.

Delivering her speech, amongst other things, she cited the non-writing of issues that sometimes present different view instead of what is reality on the ground.

Among example mentioned was the issue of low-income Tanzanians spend per day, implicitly, challenging journalist to do research and through writing interprets reality, expounding that the truth has been unwritten.

President Samia additionally reminded Tanzanians, especially those who have been using the social media improperly to think for themselves, as the misuse of the social media, can be devastating, not only within the family or individually but also nationally.

President Samia underscored that even though it is not the intention of the government to control the content or delivery of social media information, the cautionedon existence and manner of gauging the contents of what is provided in the social media, calling for all good intent that would help to protect the generation of Tanzanians.

Implying, if some content freely accessible in the social media are not sieved and left to exist arbitrarily, could in future obliterate our values and culture that are critical in bettering and nurturing the next generation of Tanzania.

Giving an example, of how even the youngest children born these days are so quick to use the social media to watch cartoons and many more, she questioned as a parent, if this arbitrarily left is left unbridled, what kind of generation are we producing as a nation?

President Samia’s observations, prompted many questions, comprising the need to strengthening our institutional and to enhance professional which in any nation, these two elements key to moving nation like Tanzania to a place where all can reap the benefits of being Tanzanians and proud to have a nation of good morals.

In mirroring on press day and role of newscasters there is a need for all Tanzanians as a family and as a nation to reflect, principally on the issue of building better and stronger institutions at all levels from the family to national level.

Institutional excellence, professionalism and good governance, from the family level to the national level, in my opinion, are three values that would enable our nation to be healthier and hence provide enabling environment that would boost each of us to partake on productive economic activities within a good culture and good values from the family level to the national level.

Good foundation, at the family level and national level, particularly at this digital economy era, stunned with social media access is critical since the formulation and expected growth of everything that is envisioned to last for afar its simple beginnings must be built upon bases that are reinforced by a solid base that is far larger and more entrenched than that which it supports.

It is critical to remember no society can survive the rigidity of time if it wholly relies upon a distinct to warranty its durability. Men and women are here for a limited time; Tanzania is here forever! How can we pledge the sustained wellbeing and development of Tanzania if we utterly entrust national desires to the limitations of social media, even though social media is beneficial on the one hand, but on the other hand, can be a source of damage to our future generation?

It is time, we aim at building strong institutions and clinches on good governance at the family level, corporate level and at the public sector before it is too late.

The matter of governance is a very simple and straightforward affair. It is only made complex when individuals abandoned far away from time-tested principles that strengthen the governance process from the family level to the national level.

In order to avoid the existence of a generation that will not have good values and to celebrate our culture that will build the future Tanzania, there is a need to have a defined platform upon which any organization can build that must be innovative in nature but most significantly, be rooted in the belief that institutional excellence is healthier than individual excellence confront and overcome future challenges.

As far as use of social media is concern in Tanzania, in my opinion, formal processes and regulatory provisions that force a particular outcome must be designed, strategic, structured in a besieged faction, and assertively imposed.

The governmental approach to manage what is going on social media need to be holistic in nature, be open, effective, and move to make positive, life-changing differences for voters, the economy, and society as whole.

Efficient public sector governance and developmental finance can promote economic transformation that reinforces the institutional process.

For a nation to grow and move in the direction of true development that would benefit, its private sector but more importantly public sector, governance must be institutionally chastised in strengthening core state roles such as accountability and transparency, justice, equity, and responsible public management.

There is no other way. A country’s economic health can only be guaranteed if there exist strong public sector engagements, adequate financial management, a developed procurement system, a judiciary that unwaveringly administers justice, and an educated citizenry that understands and takes its role genuinely.

It is the role of the government to ensure governing process is devised to make sure all of this is systemically synchronised and aligned to the institutional processes knowing that part of institution formulation must incorporate positive aspects of cultures and traditions to further solidify the base.

In this era of all things on camera and social media, while there is an emphasis on each of us recognizing ourselves and knowing what we post on social media or what information, if as a journalist writes, it is good for the government on the other hand to be aware that it is in the best interest of the government to get ahead and govern correctly, while responding to the people’s needs.


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