State orders proper land use

State orders proper land use

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has instructed responsible government ministries, institutions and local government authorities to ensure proper land use for farming and animal husbandry.

The order was mainly directed to the ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries as well as Tanzania Forest Service Agency (TFS).

She said proper land use was vital for planning for settlement, farming and animal keeping, a move that will play a crucial role in addressing land related conflicts. President Samia gave the instructions yesterday in Sikonge district, Tabora region, shortly before inaugurating a 343- kilometre Tabora-Mpanda road that has been constructed at a cost of 473.8bn/-.

“We need to concurrently maintain farming and livestock keeping; hence, there should be a balance on land that will accommodate both activities,” she said. Ms Samia also urged livestock keepers to make better use of their cattle for economic growth.

“It’s too irrational to have a huge number of cattle while your pockets are empty, you can sell some and spend the money on other economic activities,” urged the President.

This, the President said, will also help protect the environment against climate change and solve land disputes between farmers and pastoralists. “Grazing a large number of cattle at the same place causes land degradation and hence leading to climate change, all these can be controlled,” suggested the Head of State.

Speaking of the justlaunched road project, President Samia said the construction of the 343-kilometre road, will open up economic opportunities in Tabora, Mpanda and Rukwa regions.

The road also links Tanzania with the neighboring country of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and ease movements of people and goods to Zambia, which will improve trade.

“The government shall

also allocate the budget for constructing a road from Mpanda to Karema port in part of efforts to connect Tanzania and DRC through the Katavi region,” she said.

She then asked the Ministry of Agriculture to come up with strategies that would enhance modern farming to increase productivity. “You should also embark on construction of small and medium scale industries while attracting investors on large scale industries here,” she instructed.

President Samia further commended the African Development Bank (AfDB) for supporting Tanzania on constructing different road projects that are so beneficial for the country.

Some of the projects that were undertaken with the support from the AfDB include Namtumbo Tunduru (193km) Dodoma- Iringa (260km), Dodoma-Babati (188km), Sakina-Tengeru (14km), Arusha Outer Ring Road (42.4km), Mbinga-Mbamba Bay (66km), and the 202km road from Tunduru to Mtambaswala.

She said, the AfDB has also loaned Tanzania to execute different ongoing projects such as Kabingo-kasulu-Manyovu (266km), Mkange-Pangani (128km), Pangani Bridge, and Dar es Salaam Rapid Bus Transit (Dart) infrastructures, Dodoma Outer Ring Road, Mnivata-Tandahimba-Masasi (160km) and the Msalato Airport in Dodoma.

“In fact, AfDB has been so supportive of the social and economic development of our country. We really appreciate this,” said President Samia as she conveyed her gratitude to the Bank’s country manager, Dr Patricia Laverley.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Works and Transport Prof Makame Mbarawa said the newly-launched road has also meant to increase tourism activities in the Katavi region where the Katavi region is situated.

“I urge residents of these regions to make better use of this project by exploring the available economic opportunities in their areas as the road will ease movement of goods, products and services to the market,” he said.

For her part, Dr Laverley said the road will help to save people of Tabora and Mpanda from accidents that were happening when they were crossing river Koga.

“It has also cut travel time between the two regions from eight hours to three,” she said. For their part, the Tabora Regional Commissioner Dr Batilda Burian and her Katavi counterpart Mwanamvua Mrindoko thanked the government for executing the projects that have simplified connectivity within the two regions.



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