Ngorongoro evacuees reap huge benefits

Ngorongoro evacuees reap huge benefits

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has outlined five key benefits that Tanzanians who are voluntarily relocating from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) to Msomera in Tanga region are getting, among them, enough financial support for their families.

Mr Majaliwa was speaking in parliament yesterday when moving a motion to postpone the parliamentary budget session, where he insisted that President Samia Suluhu Hassan was fully committed to providing all necessary incentives to persons, who were willing to relocate for the best interests of the country.

According to the Prime Minister, the President had decided that every family that is voluntarily leaving the area is paid a compensation for the house that is being left.

Other benefits, he said, all households that were leaving the area were being given a three-bedroom modern house that has been constructed by the government at an area with 2.5 hectares as well as mattresses and other important domestic equipment.

Also, Mr Majaliwa noted, all families were being given a farm of 5 hectares with title deeds that were equally helping them to secure loans from different financial institutions.

“The government similarly decided that every household that is leaving the area voluntarily is being given enough money to begin their new lives at Msomera,’’ he added.

According to Mr Majaliwa, every household was also being given two sacks of maize for three months consecutively as they prepare their farms for the next farming season.

So far, according to the Premier, an exercise to register residents who were willing to voluntarily relocate was going on well, adding as of June 09, 2022, about 293 households with 1,497 persons had already been registered.

He further reiterated that wildlife resources were very important for the country’s development as it was vital in boosting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through tourism.

“Therefore, in this regard, the plan by the government to upgrade all areas to become Game Controlled Areas is aiming at strengthening defence in our country’s natural resources,’’ he added.

On other hand, an exercise to demarcate the Loliondo Game Controlled Area (LGCA) was completed last week successfully where the government’s taskforce to put beacons had conducted it without affecting lives of people in the district.

A few days ago, the Prime Minister insisted that the LGCA will remain safeguarded even after the completion of the demarcation exercise.

This is according to an earlier directive issued by President Samia.

The Premier, who was speaking after conducting an aerial inspection of the rich ecological 1,500 square kilometres area, insisted that the demarcated area will continuously be safeguarded and protected, both from the land and air.

“There will be around the clock protection of this area due to its ecological importance,” explained the PM.

According to Mr Majaliwa, the onus of protecting the country’s natural resources lies upon Tanzanians themselves, adding that Tourism was among the country’s top economic drivers, “We’ve no option other than protecting this area at any cost,” he insisted.

He equally appealed to foreigners who live near the LGCA to support the government of Tanzania in protecting and safeguarding the area for the conservation and tourism related- benefits of both countries.

“We expect that they share similar sentiments, lest we want to put wildlife conservation in peril,” the Prime Minister said.

On her part, National Assembly Speaker Dr Tulia Ackson told the Members of the Parliament to clarify the issue of Ngorongoro and Loliondo to their voters and give them right information.

Dr Ackson told the lawmakers that the exercise to voluntarily relocating the Ngorongoro residents was meant to preserve ecological feature of the NCA, while demarcating the LGCA also aimed at protecting the area. 


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