Ahaa, this dot com generation!

Ahaa, this dot com generation!

I told her when I was still a child and even after university there were no mobile phones we used land line phones. Not believing her ears she exclaimed “What no mobile phones?” Her next statement made me almost bend over in laughter.

She went something like this “So that means if you got into trouble at home, your  other was not able to call your father at work and inform him and he would get the report when he came home.” Smiling sheepishly I said yes recalling how more that half a dozen my brothers and I dreaded my father’s coming home as we knew we were in hot soup.

The conversation did not end there she went on to ask if the land lines phones were the type we had to use a lot of energy to dial each digit and she did a little demonstration. Then she asked if the was in two pieces whereby the receiver had a separate mouthpiece.

I told her that that type was a much earlier version wondering at the same time wondered what movie had she seen those types of phones.  Insisting on knowing what phone her grandfather may be using now I confessed I had no idea but I know he uses one although grand ma has refused to own one.

Conversation over; the talk reminded me of how her older brother the young Sharobaro now 14 at the age of four used to call the Police and the customer care department of my network from my cellular phone. How he crammed the emergency numbers is beyond me. For him it seemed to be a thrill that he could get away with it each time. He would call both the Police and customer care staff and surprisingly he would get through without any hustle and start off a friendly conversation.

I would be aghast knowing that if I called; chances are that I would have to try many times before getting an answer. Asking him why he called them he would confidently say he was just saying hello. And if you think the headache stopped there; far from it. My very basic Alcatel phone had these already made messages and he would take it upon himself to send random messages from my phone.

So I had to apologise for texts I had no idea had gone out. I quickly had to learn how to lock my phone from his inquisitive fingers. While I personally use the mobile phone to call or to text both my children will explore the other functions on the phone. I have never played any games on the phone and I am hardly bothered at what the screen looks like and I do not even know how to download ringtones.

I am a real waste of space in this dot com era. Now young sharobaro is campaigning hard for a phone and he does not want any phone. He wants a one that can access the internet under the pretext it will help him with his homework. I think it time we rewrote history and talk about the pre mobile phone era and the mobile phone era it makes more relevant sense.

Mwandishi: Natasha K'okutangilira

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