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Azam suspend Aggrey Morris

One of the team's players, who opted for anonymity, said Morris was ordered out of the squad, when the team had already reached Tanga ready to play JKT Mgambo in the Mainland Premier League match scheduled for Saturday. Morris was said to have been given fare to return to Dar es Salaam.

“I don't know what the officials are up to...we came to Tanga with Morris for Saturday's match against JKT Mgambo, but he was unexpectedly told to return to Dar es Salaam for allegedly being among the indisciplined players," said the player.

“We (players) can do nothing about it because the officials have the final say in everything, you never know who will be the next victim," he added.

According to reports from within the club, Morris has been suspended after having been linked to indiscipline, with the punishment coming just a few days after Azam had suffered a 2-0 defeat to Yanga. Azam had also conceded a 3-1 loss to Simba a few days back.

Azam Information Officer, Jaffar Idd, however said he had yet to receive report from the the team's leadership on the issue. “I have not received any report from the leadership, you might possibly have got the report from your sources, but I have officially not received anything, so, I have nothing to say," said Idd.

Earlier this week, Azam suspended three players, defenders Erasto Nyoni, Said Mourad and goalkeeper, Deogratius Munishi, for indiscipline.

Meanwhile, the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has confirmed to have received a letter from Azam on the team's decision to suspend its three players and the federation will carefully deal with the matter. TFF Secretary General, Angetile Osiah, said although the matter revolves around conspiracy to undermine the team, Azam leadership's decision to involve government organs in the issue is exemplary.

The federation also congratulated Azam for its effort to root out corruption in the sport by suspending Nyoni, Mourad and Munishi. The trio has been suspended by their club after they were suspected to have been bribed by Simba when Azam went down 3-1 to the former in the Mainland Premier League match played at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam on October 27, this year.

Osiah said Azam has done a commendable move, which is a good start to effective promotion of soccer without corruption. He said by involving the concerned authorities in fighting corruption in soccer, Azam has done a good job considering that the final report on the whole issue will be more detailed.

The TFF official said should the suspects be found guilty, it will be a tremendous job that will deserve praise and if they will not be found guilty, efforts should be done to clear the players' image. He said TFF has already received a letter from the Azam leadership on the suspension of the three players and the federation has given a go ahead to the investigation into the matter.

Iddi had earlier told reporters that Azam's leadership had suspended the players after they were suspected of receiving bribe and contribute to their team's 3-1 defeat to Simba.

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