Bilal tours Bismarck by Lake Tanganyika

Bilal tours Bismarck by Lake Tanganyika

Kasanga,  named  Bismarck burg  during  the  German  East  Africa  era,  is a small fishing  village  located  along   the  shores of  Lake Tanganyika,  810 m  above   sea level.However,   due  to  military  restrictions,  only  members of  Regional Defence and  Security  Committee led   by  its   chairperson  Rukwa Regional  Commissioner, Ms  Stella  Manyanya,   were  allowed  to accompany  the Vice  President, Dr Bilal  into the  ruins now  accommodating  a military  detachment.

The  ruins  founded  in  1888  during  the  German  colonial period  by  the  explorer Ludwig  Wolf  and  the  German  East Africa Company,  is  still  visible  and somewhat   is still  maintained its  old architectural  structures.After 1920 the British Mandate regime of Tanganyika territory  dropped the German name of the village and changed it to Kasanga village.

Thereafter Dr  Bilal  had  an opportunity  to   visit  the Kasanga  Port and launched two  cargo  sheds  worth over  1.1 bilion/-.Earlier  the Kigoma  Port Manager, Mr S Nandi   briefed  the  Vice-President, Dr Bilal  that  during  2006 and 2011  over  77,000 tonnes ofvarious  cargo  had  passed  through  Kasanga  port  and  6,457  passengers.

According to Mr  Nandi,  Kasanga Port  had three  cargo  sheds with  the  joint capacity  to   accommodate over  77,000  tonnes  of  various goods. It also has  a  fork lift  with  a capacity to  lift  five tonnes  at a go.Dr Bilal  was also   briefed  that  MV Liemba   considered   to be the   oldest  ship  in  the  world,  operates  through  Kasanga Port. However, due  to  her  old  age,  she  is  expected  to undergo  major rehabilitation  funded by German.

The Vice  President,  also  launched  a  modern  built  fishing market for Mbeya and Rukwa region and located at Lusambo  area  long  the  shore of Lake  Tanganyika  at  Kasanga fishing   village in  Sumbawanga  District. The market was  constructed  by MVIWATA  jointly with GRERT and Sumbawanga District Council  through Food Crops  Wholesale Markets  Project.

Dr  Bilal  was  briefed  that   more than  4.9bn/- was spent  on the construction  of the market. Of the amount the European Community provided 4.4bn/-, Mviwata  contributed  over 166m/-, Gret 49m/- and Sumbawanga  District  Council  contributed  over  64m/-. The Council is required to contribute over 138m/-.

However,  the Kalambo  Constituency's Member of  Parliament, Mr Josephat Kandege  told  the  Vice President   that the  project  lacked   reliable power to operate  fish  storage  facilities.Dr  Bilal  reassure the people that the government would provide for them such essential infrastructures   like reliable roads, power  and  health   facilities.

"I  assure you  that  the project  will get a  reliable water  supply  - as  your   government   is tirelessly  striving to  ensure that  all  the   necessary  infrastructures are brought  closer  to  the people," Dr Bilal said.

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