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Chami pushes for specialised in-house training to employees.

Chami pushes for specialised in-house training to employees.


Dr Chami was speaking here during the opening of the Eastern Central and Southern African Employers’ organisation conference under the organisation of the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE).

“Studies have revealed that no employer is satisfied with the workforces recruited from the public learning institutions, including Universities and Colleges most of whom have not been adopting well in firms with different operating systems,” said the Minister.

According to the Minister, most employers have been complaining of under-baked workforce being produced by local colleges many of whom fail to deliver or are less competent.

“And they have been pointing fingers to the government saying it has failed to offer proper training of the youth,” said Dr Chami but reminded that, most African states were poor and all the government institutions can do is to provide general education but specialized training is responsibility of employers themselves.

Dr Chami pointed out that the best way that employers can be assured of tailor-made workforces is through in-house training sessions that will groom their workers not only to fit with the particular working environment but also guarantee their loyalty to the company.

“This is because when you train the workers to fit with your firm working environment, the knowledge may not necessarily apply to other firms and this will make them reap specialized skills to work in that particular company as well as ensuring maximum loyalty,” he said.

The Minister also advised employers to allow their workers to pursue further studies within and outside the country so as to enable them get exposure and added experience elsewhere. Speaking of the ongoing conference, the Chairperson of Association of Tanzania Employees (ATE) Advocate Cornelius Kariwa, said around 20 African countries are meeting in Arusha to discuss ways of reducing the cost of starting and doing business in their respective countries.

“The cost of doing business in our region remains very high, making the African continent a less favorable destination for investments,” pointed out Mr Kariwa adding that local employers had a role to lobby with their government to lower the costs of doing business.

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