Dar es Salaam win accolades for supporting UN

Dar es Salaam win accolades for supporting UN

The UN chief said this when he met with the Tanzania’s former Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Ombeni Sefue, who went to bid him farewell. Ambassador Sefue was recently appointed Chief Secretary. Mr Ban could not hide his admiration for President Jakaya Kikwete and Tanzanians in general.

“I have special feelings about Tanzania and my relationship with President Kikwete is one of a kind. I am sorry that you have to leave Washington after such a short stay but I must put the record straight, I am very impressed with Tanzania’s involvement in UN. “I know you have a huge task and responsibilities ahead of you of assisting President Kikwete who has a huge reputation both within the African continent and the international community.

“I have been in close contact with him and he has helped me alot including on the international programme for the health of mother and child,” he said. He expressed optimism that Ambassador Sefue would continue to make close follow-up of what is going on at the UN and doors, saying that door were open for the Tanzanian diplomat to visit the UN at any time.

“For the short time you have been here I am sure you learnt many things that you will continue to be in touch and perhaps help us in your new capacity,” he said.The UN chief also paid tribute to Dr Asha-Rose Migiro, his deputy whose tenure of office comes to end in June, this year.He said Dr Migiro was a very hardworking person and has been of great surpport to him and that he was sad to see her leave the UN.

He hinted that after discussions with Dr Migiro about her successor, they concluded that the new deputy secretary general  should not come from Africa.On his part, Ambassador Sefue thanked the UN chief for invaluable support and cooperation accorded him and he would continue to keep close contact with the global body.

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