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Exams re-sit yes, perpetrators must be given punishment

Exams re-sit yes, perpetrators must be given punishment

The pupils will now re-do the examinations in September, this year, thanks to a decision by the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training to annul NECTA’s verdict. The Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Mr Philipo Mulugo, in a press conference in Dar es Salaam on Monday, said there had been outcry from the parents and education stakeholders regarding the future of the affected children.

It was therefore resolved that the thousands of pupils who were punished for alleged cheating, could be pardoned and be allowed to start afresh. However, the Deputy Minister warned those behind the examinations leakage scam to brace for stern measures as a task force was now tracking down on the source of the problem and would advise authorities on appropriate action.

We commend the government for coming to the rescue of innocent children who might have been dragged into this mess by greedy individuals. At the tender age of primary school education, pupils are too young to conspire or plot such evil plans. There is no doubt that the perpetrators teamed up with parents and guardians while the children only found themselves trapped in the middle of the ugly web, but had to bear the consequences nonetheless.

That they will have to repeat the examinations is itself a good lesson, learning it the hard way that cheating does not pay. They will live to remember the rigours of re-sitting examinations. As for those who engineered the leakage, we just can’t wait to see heads rolling.

They have not only ashamed the nation and caused lots of inconveniences to authorities, the public and the pupils in particular, but have also contributed to the falling standards of education in the country. Examinations are set to test the ability of pupils/students in respect to the level of education attained.

It is inappropriate to award someone with credits they do not deserve as in the end, they will mess up things and be forced to reveal the truth. We hope the government will keep its word and stop this examinations leakage madness.

ON December 9th this year, Tanzanians will ...

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