Feelings Caught

Feelings Caught

I laughed in her face and explained that I love the feedback and would work on it. You can’t put serious and Amby in one sentence and not end it with a laugh or at least a chuckle. And I am usually too busy laughing to get offended. That is how I am.

That is how my Dad was. We rarely take offence or as the younger generation calls it, catch feelings. To catch a feeling (and presumably put it in your pocket) is to get offended. How many feelings do you have in your pockets right now? I thought so. The folks in Muheza in Tanga region recently caught excessive amounts of feelings.

At the funeral of their beloved, they opened the casket to pay their last respects only to find the body of an Indian chap not at all resembling their loved one. Apparently, due to some reason we might only guess, the attendant at the mortuary ‘packed’ the wrong body.

The hospital apologized and asked if they could return to Dar es Salaam that ‘package’ and in turn pick up their ‘package’.The Tanesco Managing Director, Mr William Mhando, has joined the mass in feeling the effects of the (unofficial) electricity rationing. With billions upon billions required to stabilize the country’s electricity supply, Mr Mhando was apparently not spending hot and humid nights fighting mosquitoes and dripping of sweat like the rest of us.

The Parastatal Organization Accounts Committee (POAC) went to Bunge with calculators and pie charts showing that the bill to maintain the state-owned generator at Mr Mhando’s house was extremely costly. Therefore, and with immediate effect, had to be removed.

Mr Mhando has, without a shadow of a doubt, caught feelings from here till Christmas 2013. There are unofficial reports that the state-run television broadcaster Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) is on the verge of closing down due to lack of funds. Several factors contribute to this including bad management and out dated equipment.

Meanwhile, the man who was fired as the Managing Director for allegedly daring to evoke new practice to TBC, Mr Tido Mhando, has resurfaced. He has been appointed the Managing Director of Mwananchi Communications Limited. There is a 9 foot container full of feelings at the TBC offices.

The young and vibrant Mr Zitto Kabwe has announced his intentions to run for presidency in the 2015 elections. I emphasize the words, young and vibrant. Mr Kabwe is a new age Member of Parliament (MP) representing Kigoma North (On opposition Chadema ticket), Shadow Finance Minister and Chairperson Public Organisations accounts Committee (POAC). He hasn’t been in politics for long but we all know of him for one reason or another.

By long I mean, he wasn’t an MP when your parents were in primary school. He is part of the fast growing group of young Tanzanians who want to develop Tanzania. Yes. I am still measuring the amount of feelings the other MPs have caught from Mr Kabwe’s bold move. I’ll get back to you.

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