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Geologist wins 50m/- in Airtel promotion

Geologist wins 50m/- in Airtel promotion

Mr Laizer who is a geologist by profession, was in Chunya District on  official duties and attended the ceremony held at Mbeya Airtel Office. Last month, the company’s Public Relations Manager, Jackson Mmbando announced Mr Laizer as the winner of the last draw of the promotion aired live by ITV.

“The promotion is aimed at giving back to our esteemed customers what we get from them. Mzuka promotion started early December, last year and reached its climax last month,” said Mr Mmbando. Speaking with journalists after signing the payment forms, Mr Laizer promised to be the Airtel ambassador to all mobile phones customers.

“Previously I did not believe on promotions, but now I will be your ambassador. I will spend this money to solve several problems," he said. Airtel has about 50 million customers in Africa.

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Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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