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ICT sector registers fast growth

ICT sector registers fast growth

Experts say the sector is growing at between 15 and 20 per cent annually which is the highest in the East African Community (EAC) region.

The Deputy Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, Mr Gregory Teu, pledged the government's continued support and creation of conducive ICT ground to reduce digital divide.

“ICT is one of the pillars for the country’s socio economic development... (and) Vision 2025 singled out the sector's leadership as one of the pillar to this vision,” Mr Teu said when officiating the launching of distribution partnership between Red Dot and Dell on Wednesday.

The Red Dot Distributors Head of Production Management, Mr Asif Jeraj, said at the moment the laptop market is growing rapidly and they are selling about 3,000 pieces of laptops per month.

“There is a vast potential in the ICT sectors...and its growth speaks volumes ..as world renown companies are pouring-in,” Mr Jeraj said. Red Dot, believes to control between 75 and 80 per cent of the country’s distribution market for computers, has attracted Dell to pick it has one of its distributors.

Dell Marketing Director (East Africa and Middle East) Mr Pearce Clune said the firm works with reputable and committed distributors across the region.

“Red Dot’s leadership position in Tanzania’s growing ICT distribution sector made it a natural choice as Dell’s partner,” Mr Clune said before the deputy minister launched the Dell’s XPS 13, a razor thin, ultraportable laptop that features an edge-to-edge 13 inch gorilla glass display.

Red Dot, which is in the market for over ten years, also distributes Samsung, Toshiba, and HP, computers and Microsoft software among others. The company, said to be a leading ICT firm in East Africa, with its headquarter in Dar es Salaam and five branches in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Dubai.

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