If the heat is too much, vacate the kitchen!!!

If the heat is too much, vacate the kitchen!!!

Blasphemy! Some will scream, but believe me, that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God, wasio penda wameze wembe!

I thank God that in my life, I have always had an allergy to anything dirty, that is why I can comfortably pour a whole bottle of my favourite beverage as soon as a fly lands in it, kweli kabisa!

Twende taratibu, when I talk about cleanliness, then you know that this subject covers a very wide range, because in cleanliness, you can also be talking about personal hygiene, sawa jamani? 

But in this case, I am talking about another area of cleanliness, and I know that by the end of it, you will agree with me that what I am saying is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, ee Mungu nisaidie!!

We all have our favourite places we usually visit for a cup of tea, coffee or beer, and in most cases we also have our favourite places where we sometimes go to have our meals. Hii ni kawaida, nothing extraordinary, mnielewe! It is at these places that we feel more comfortable, cared for and pampered, and it is at these same places that we usually get a peace of mind, najua nasema kweli!

But it becomes worrisome that as time goes by, things start changing at your favourite spot, and the setting that attracted you to the place starts taking a different shape, twende taratibu. I believe that when a friend takes you out to his or her favourite joint, there are things which can attract you enough for you to go back to that particular place, and in most cases, it is the service and the cleanliness of the place.

Acha niwaambie, there are some places, be it a pub or a restaurant, where the word cleanliness does not exist in their vocabulary, yaani halipo, and the smell emitting from the place is enough to fire a nuclear reactor, mnabisha?  Seriously speaking, there are some hotels, and pubs in this city of Lukuvi and many other towns in the country, where cleaning the toilet is a foreign language, hilo hamna!!

The minute you enter the toilet, you are smacked with a very toxic stench, and you will be forgiven if you start imagining that there is a dead animal inside, but don’t be surprised, because in some instances, ni kweli kuna wanyama wamekufa ndani!

If the heat is too much, get out of the kitchen, that is a very simple message, kama biashara imekushinda, acha! Why torture your clients simply because you employ very lazy staffs which see no need of cleaning this very sensitive area?  Unaingia chooni unataka kukimbia! This is very bad, on a very serious note, because people who enter your bar or hotel pay their hard earned cash so that they can get proper services!

Ni aibu, because you can enter a toilet, and you can even find a mother cat feeding its young, true story, very comfortably, a sign that the place rarely witness any exercise called cleaning! Paka na vitoto vyake!!

This is the problem with us Africans, because we have the tendency to fill our businesses with truckloads of relatives, mtoto wa babu, mjukuu wa shangazi, mara binamu ya mjomba! That is why you cannot tell them to do anything and they do it properly, hawawezi!!

My friend, there are some toilets you enter, and the smell sticks on you like a sick perfume, haitoki, and the minute you return to your table, everyone around knows where you are coming from, sio haki, kabisa! 

Take my advice and change this habit, because there is no use to clean one area and neglect the other, especially an area like the toilet, inakera, and some women even throw up when they visit some toilets after a heavy meal, kweli kabisa!

Kama kazi inakushinda, acha, sio lazima, don’t force it, or if you cannot control your staff, then look for an appropriate person who can do it for you, but in short, ni tabia mbaya, ukichukia utajiju!!
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