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Land Bank guidelines ready next year

She told the ‘Daily News’  that the government has already given them over 63,000 hectares of land in Morogoro Region and over 47,000 square metres of land for hotel construction in Arusha. However, she said that that was still “a small chunk” andthey expect to secure land for the Land Bank in every region. “We need land for investors in every region and we are working on guidelines on how to distribute the land to both local and foreign investors.

“The reason for carefully preparing guidelines for the exercise is because We don’t want it to be problematic to both the local and foreign investors who will be offered the land,” she said.

She was non-committal on the number of people or organisations which have so far applied but noted that many investors have applied, both local and foreign. She noted that most of the investors who have applied for land are in food production and a few in real estate at Kigamboni area.




Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Prof Joyce ...


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