Looking for the easy way out can cost you

Looking for the easy way out can cost you

Kwa kweli haipendezi, although they say that life is not fair, to see others working so hard to achieve their goals, while others use shortcuts, sometimes at the expense of others, to achieve the same goals.

When some people call me all sorts of names, including mmbeya, mnoko and all these unpalatable names, it is simply because they don’t want to be told the truth, because as God is my witness, I always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Ukweli unauma, but as always tell you, mtajiju, I will tell you all the same, if it is too bitter to swallow, then that is up to you……Aluta Continua!

Nishasema na nitasema tena, kama mtu hakupendi, hakupendu tu! That is true, and I think most people should accept to swallow it, especially our women. Now am saying this because cases of women using unscrupulous methods to hook a man are increasing, and recently I nearly lost a good friend from an overdose of ‘love portion’.

Hivi jamani, have we reached this level of life? We know things are becoming tough, economically and socially, but to revert to dark methods of achieving something is shameful, ni aibu! It is an open secret, nowadays men have become tricky, and to find the marrying character is like looking for a virgin in a brothel, but by all means, you don’t have to force them, sio poa hata kidogo!

I recently discovered that the sign boards we see along roadsides are not there by mistakes, the authors know for sure that there is a market for their services, and boy aren’t they busy!! Kama jamaa hakupendi hakupendi tu, get used to that fact sister, instead of heading to Sumbawanga for some dubious love portion to feed your reluctant man….shame on you!!

I like this old African saying, which says that ‘Chema chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza’ if you look at what is happening today, then you will know why the ‘wahenga’ came up with that valuable saying. You don’t have to market a good thing, because people have eyes to see it, they will know quality if they see one. I think it is high time the women who use witchcraft to achieve their goals should sit and ponder real hard, kweli kabisa!

Men who are victims of witchcraft and other sort of funny business from women, without their knowledge, are sometimes fed on very suspicious things. I have been told that women do some very funny and weird things in their quest for love, including sitting on chapattis, sleeping in graveyards and other scary things, hivi mnatafuta nini?

Kama hakupendi hakupendi tu, that is in plain black and white and these sorts of women should know that by being with a man who is under heavy dosage of concoctions from Sumbawanga, it is like living with a person against his will. Nadhani ni raha sana to know that this man or woman is with me because he or she chose to, kwa hiari yake mwenyewe, instead of the other way round.

Hivi mshajiuliza what usually happens when the effects of the madawa wears off? Because I am sure they have their own expiry date. I believe in most cases those who go to witchdoctors to get love problems have very serious characteristic problems, and they know without the help from the dubious doctors they cannot get the right man.

Granted, men nowadays are very reluctant when it comes to commitment, but does this give someone the right to play with someone’s psychology?  Kwa kweli inasikitisha, sana tu, because I know the end result of such liaisons is not pretty, I can assure you that, wenye masikio wasikie!

The sad thing in this whole scenario is that there are some women, shamelessly boast to their friends about what they do behind closed doors, bila aibu kabisa!  “Hee, shosti, yani huyu hatoki, nimemlisha dozi ya kutosha hachomoki, haloooo!” jamani!

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Mwandishi: Anthony Tambwe

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