Magogoni fish market must be made clean

Magogoni fish market must be made clean

This is very disgusting considering the fact it is situated closer to institutions of utmost national importance. The wear and tear that has taken place over the past 10 years since it was handed over by Japan, which financed its construction, is ample proof of mismanagement of public facilities by the very authorities entrusted with the task of maintaining them.

Customers and other visitors to the market will readily testify to the deplorable conditions at the market place, including filth, architectural decay and the presence of idlers in its premises. This is exactly the opposite of the very objective behind the construction of the market, which is to provide a conducive and hygienic collection and trading centre for fish and other marine products.

Without mincing any words, it is a health risk to purchase fish and other sea food products at some places within the facility where filth, including sewage,remains stagnant at the drainage channels most of the time. The situation is perfect setting or launching pad for the much-dreaded cholera and other water-borne diseases such as dysentery and diarrhoea. It also paints a negative image of our country in the eyes of foreigners.

Yet it does not require colossal amounts of money and expensive sanitary equipment to keep the facility and its surroundings clean. A simple and inexpensive cleaning operation involving only brooms, water and water hoses, a little amount of disinfectants and a high sense of hygiene is what is only required to maintain the place, not forgetting regular maintenance of the several buildings at the facility.

Traders doing business in the area also need a sensitization campaign to remind them of their duty to keep the surroundings clean. The authorities concerned, including the Ilala Municipal Council could even impose fines for proven culprits in case of failure or haphazard disposal of filth. This could be done. It just requires commitment and discipline on the part of all the parties concerned.

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