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Mwanza vocational centre trains youth for the skilled job market

Q. What is the essence of Mwanza Regional Vocational Training and Service Centre (RVTSC)?
A. First of all it is important to understand that Mwanza is one of the fastest growing regions in Tanzania and in East Africa. The region has approximately over 3.5 million people. The region has several processing and manufacturing industries. And to some extent these industries need the expertise of graduates from Mwanza RVTSC.

As a fast growing location there is a lot of construction going on, such as the construction of roads, installation of electricity networks, laying down of water sewerage systems not forgetting building residential houses, to mention but a few. In short there is a high demand for competent vocational technicians.

Mwanza RVTSC and other vocational training centres are tasked with turning out skilled technicians. Mwanza as a City, has a fast growing population with a high number of youth who do not get the opportunity to join secondary schools or other training institutions. From the above scenario in Mwanza you can see that the vocational education is very relevant for the development of Mwanza region and the country at large.

Q. Who are your target clients, and what is the RVTSCs scope of operation?

A. The Centre is open to youth and any one who is interested in vocational education. Basically, vocational education has no limitations.

Q. What services are offered at the Centre?
A. The Centre carries out long and short term courses that include the following, electrical installation, plumbing and pipe fitting, welding and fabrication. Other courses include food production, solar photovoltaic installation and driving. The Centre undertakes consultancies.

Q. What is unique about the training at the centre?
A The Centre offers a Competence Based Education Training (CBET) system. Training at the Centre is geared in such as way that students who enrol at the Centre receive both practical and theory aspects of the training.

Q. What are the major achievements in vocational training since 1977 in this region?
A. The success of vocational training in this region can be assessed by the number of graduates who are gainfully employed.
People who undertook vocational training courses work in mining companies, processing and manufacturing industries. Others have set up their own businesses.

Q. What are the challenges faced by the Centre?
A. There are several challenges facing the Centre. These include, an increasing number of youth who wish to join the Centre for vocational training. The number of youth interested in the training is increasing steadily but there is a limit as to how many we can enrol each year.

For example in 2012 the number of applicants was around 3,000 while the Centre can only enroll less than 200. We are looking for pragmatic ways on how to strike a balance between the actual demands and the Centre’s capacity. Another challenge is the rapid changes in technology. The technology used by industries keeps on advancing and sometimes the Centre does not have the appropriate equipment to use so as to teach the students. This means that the tutors at the Centre need to upgrade their skills accordingly.

Q. What are the Centre’s immediate plans?
A. Plans include, increasing the type of trades taught, increasing the enrollment capacity so as to cater for more trainees bearing in mind that, there is a high demand for vocational training in this region.

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