National intellectual property policy underway

National intellectual property policy underway

Mr Mahingila said this in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday during a five-day workshop organised by BRELA to discuss formation of international intellectual property (IP) policy.

"We are still far behind in technology systems... especially in industrialisation," he said and added that most industries in Tanzania with the exception of Azam Company produce and sell raw products. He said the move is due to lack of technology development in the country despite having many natural resources.

According to Mr Mahingila, formation of IP system policy internationally will help many industrialists produce and even export better products. Mr Mahingila cited out Korea as the Asian country that has well managed IP systems. Meanwhile, Mr Mahingila said that IP national policy would help the industrialists to be creative in building up their business.

"Despite that, IP systems is a strategy that aims at guarding and using quality trade mark that promotes  goods in and outside the country," he said. He further said upon incorporation of Kilimo Kwanza in IP systems, it would promote agaricultural products internationally.

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