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Plea to promote Minjingu fertilizer

Plea to promote Minjingu fertilizer


Immediate former Chairman of Journalists Environmental Association of Tanzania (JET), Deodatus Mfugale said during a Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and University of Dar es Salaam meeting debating irrigation in smallholder farming that Minjingu fertilizer is facing a lot of sabotage locally.

“This fertilizer is very convenient to most of our farmers but it’s being sabotaged by people with vested interests,” Mr. Mfugale who is an ardent environmental journalist, said.

In his presentation, Mfugale pointed out that despite their importance to the country as bread winners, smallholder farmers are neglected, lack inputs such as hybrid seeds and fertilizers but often face government bans on food exports to earn more money.

Mfugale argued that Minjingu organic fertilizer helped mulch the soil allowing conservation of moisture unlike artificial fertilizers which sometimes drain water from the ground and leaves acidic residues which lead to soil infertility in the long run.

Minjingu organic fertilizer is manufactured by Arusha based Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Limited (MMFL) which introduced a new brand called Minjingu Mazao in the local market last year. The new fertilizer brand which incorporates a small percentage of growing fertilizers such as DAP, NPK and Urea is aimed at competing with imported artificial fertilizers for planting and growing of plants.

Managing Director, Trosky Hans said recently that Minjingu Mazao has so far been well received by local farmers but it is difficult to know exactly by how much has it’s acceptability been in the local market till end of the season.

“We shall be able to give more information after this season as the Agriculture Research Institute is compiling a report on farmers’ reaction to the product from different parts of the country,” Mr Hans noted. He said the final report on how farmers have experienced with Minjingu Mazao during the first planting season, is due next August.

“Once we get the report it should be communicated to you by next September,” the MMFL chief executive pointed out. Tanzania Fertilizer Company Limited (TFCL) General Manager, Salum Mkumba said Minjingu Mazao will likely compete with imported artificial planting and growing fertilizers such as DAP, NKP and Urea which many local farmers are used to.

“A major competitor to Minjingu fertilizer is DAP because it’s a planting fertilizer which many farmers prefer because it has some nitrogen content which not only helps crops to grow faster but also turn green,” Mr. Mkumba said.

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